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Automations &
Out-Of-The-Box Marketing Strategies
For D2C Brands 🙌

In a world of cluttered eCom market, we will help you stand out from your competitors with our unique AI Assistants & Black Swan Marketing strategies to take your CPA & revenue to new heights!

Pink & Hype

How We Automate Your Customer Support
(for eCom Brands)

Machine Learning 🤖

Using AI techniques your customer tickets, product info & data will be analysed in order to create your own unique Custom GPT.

Intensive Testing 🔎

Once your Custom GPT is in the trial phase, intensive testing will be conducted from both parties to formulate & customise the best response from the AI in order to match your brand's tone.

Launch 💯

Once ready, we launch a friendly Conversational AI that feels like it's a part of your brand that responds to incoming enquiries instantly.

(we are also introducing Pinterest & Reddit Ads which is a part of our "Black Swan" strategy. Our mission is to ensure your brand taps into markets that have never been explored)

Pink & Hype

(once in awhile we also work with a few Financial Service clients)

Run Ads 📣

Highly targeted Ads on Facebook whether they be First Time Home Buyers, Refinance, etc. depending on your core service.

Qualify Instantly 🔎

Using the latest AI tech & custom landing pages, we will qualify leads instantly so you only work with relevant Leads that you can turn into clients.

Follow Ups 📩

Fortune is truly in the follow ups, therefore we will run a highly converting campaign within an advanced CRM. Objective is to engage every single lead in order to close more deal!

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